Introducing AquaAldo Classic, Istaka’s flagship permeable paver, a groundbreaking solution for storm-water management designed for heavy traffic industrial, commercial, and institutional use. Unique in the country, AquaAldo addresses the increasing need for enhanced ground permeability and efficient storm-water management while being as durable as Istaka’s conventional pavers. With pavers that are 100 mm thick and an aspect ratio (length divided by thickness) of 3, AquaAldo provides exceptionally strong and sustainable permeable pavement, making it the ideal choice for modern infrastructure needs.



Void Black
Gravel Grey
Soft Grey
Cotton White
Oasis Beige


Shape and Sizes




  • Highly permeable

  • Two layer concrete structure

  • Even surface texture

  • Facing layer with exclusive raw material

  • Plain coloring

  • Geometric Shape

  • Because we want you to spend more time outdoors.

  • Great public spaces are the living room of the city.


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